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Virtual Live, 1-on-1, & group sessions.

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Your company has different faces with different needs.

Our solutions support employee performance, well-being, and connections.

  • Live, personalized sessions
  • One all-encompassing platform
  • For employees, work teams, and their families
  • Vetted expert instructors
  • Global coverage
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Solutions for All Your Employee Experiences Needs

Bundle Breaks

Bundle Breaks

For Every Day Work-Life Needs.

Live, 1-on-1 virtual sessions for employees, work teams, or their families that allow them to improve well-being, develop professionally, connect with others, or focus on tasks.

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Bundle Events

Bundle Events

Connect People, Build Relationships.

Grow your culture and connectedness. Personalized team events, competitions, tournaments, facilitated for your company.

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Bundle LevelUp

Bundle LevelUp

Take a Learning Journey

Develop a customized program to elevate professional development skills and performance with interactive consecutive sessions. Live, asynchronous, and hybrid options available.

Customize a Program
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Feel the difference. Try a 15 or 30-minute session.

​No cost. 1-on-1. Live virtual engagement.

Monday - Friday 11:00AM to 3:00PM.

​Choose a well-being, escape room, communication, or coaching session and get connected with one of our experts in the next hour or the following day.

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See how easy booking a session is.

Break members log in to their personalized dashboard, book a session in just a few clicks, and then begin!

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How it works?

  1. Choose the right solution for your company. Need help?
  2. Turnkey implementation.
  3. Receive employee engagement and impact metrics
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Companies that Maximize Their Employee Experience.


“Thanks Bundle for providing an excellent Team Break. The murder mystery communication workshop was fantastic and everyone on our leadership team enjoyed it. It was great to have a team building event that everyone could participate in from home. We needed this opportunity to connect and had a great time doing it. Everyone is asking when they can sign up for the chocolate tasting Team Break!”

“Making dinner was never so fun. I loved everything about the French Cooking Break. The relaxed pace and jovial attitude set the tone for learning and enjoyment. Not to mention the great quiche that I actually cooked myself. Tres bonne! I actually was able to decompress for the hour and relax for the first time in a while. Looking forward to doing another session in this series.”

“What an awesome solution for those times when you really need to occupy your child to take care of a pressing at-home need. I used a Bundle Break when I had an important videoconference session and wanted to offer my daughter something more engaging than watching a show on her iPad.”

"My elderly father was the most engaged I’d seen him in a while and even after the session was over he was more talkative and energized. Thank you for this service that allows me to take a pause for myself and ease the mental burden and anxiety of worrying about my family."