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Our Story.

Employees like me struggle every day to balance work and life demands. I want to change that by providing personalized, interactive experiences that allow employees to recharge, reenergize and focus when its needed most. After graduating from Harvard Business School, I launched Bundle to provide a platform that provides all employees opportunities to maximize their potential and empowers them to be their best every day. It's time to reimagine and reinvent the employee experience.

Today’s modern employee needs a personalized work-life experience that allows them to focus on improving their well-being and performance.

Kayla Lebovits, CEO & Founder

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Transforming Employees and Companies.

The way people live, work, and communicate is changing—their lives are unique and complex—it's time for a change that empowers employees to be their best anywhere they need.

See and listen to how we are making an impact and striving to make a change for employee everyday.

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Hiring the Right People for the Right Job.

We are growing our internal staff with open roles across all departments, including sales, business development, instruction, and content development.

We care deeply about our teams and the people who make them, striving to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, and that begins with our hiring.

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“As a special education teacher for over 8 years, working for Bundle has given me the opportunity to design, collaborate, and implement creative, care-based instruction for students and learners of all ages while also having the additional (much needed!) flexibility to work remotely. This unique model has allowed me to provide more support and care-taking for my own extended family, which speaks directly to the alignment in action to Bundle's mission and vision.”

Ira S.

“Since joining Bundle, not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people who pride themselves on making a difference in the lives of others, but I also get to work in a flexible and meaningful job. Our leaders truly care and put you first, helping you to achieve your professional and personal goals by encouraging growth and learning opportunities. At Bundle, you’re not just an employee, you are part of the family.”

Liz V.

"I love that every day I get to help people to be their best and make their lives better just by doing my job. Bundle is more than a job its a place where you can make a meaningful impact time and time again."

Jordan S.