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The Great Appreciation

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Author: Abby

Stop. Wait a second. When was the last time you showed your employees some appreciation for everything they do? Every November I take time to think about each of my people and how I can show them a little gratitude for all the little and big things they do each and every day to keep the trains running. But I have to be honest it is hard to think of ways to show my appreciation. It is kind of like brainstorming the worst birthday gift ideas. Gift card? Too impersonal. Mug with company logo? We did that last year. You know that showing employees how much you value them is important. Figuring out how to give a little thanks to people who mean so much is the tough part.

Showing employees gratitude is more important than ever. The Great Resignation continues to affect workplaces, leaving companies shorthanded and struggling to fill positions. An unexpected consequences? 52% of employees who stay say they are picking up more work, increasing rates of burnout and exhaustion. It can also improve your company culture, employees who were recognized in the past month were three times as likely to say company culture improved.

That’s why showing your employees gratitude matters more now. Even if your workplace has high retention rates, demonstrating to your employees that your thankful for the work they do is important. It helps keep employees engaged, productive, and most of all, happy.

Here are some of our favorite ways to show employees you care: 

Schedule a break

Given that we are a virtual employee experience company. I make sure to offer my people breaks for them to take as an easy way to show they we care. A fun or relaxing session in the middle of the day is sometimes just what everyone needs. An hour to unplug, relax, and chat with co-workers can leave employees to feel invigorated and refreshed to return to work after the hour is over. With Bundle, you can schedule a number of sessions for teams of any size, from six people to 200.

Go public

I love to highlight a job well done. During a team meeting, make it your goal to shout out one great thing an employee has done recently. The public recognition makes the employee feel good and inspires others to continue the good work so they will get some recognition as well. Bonus points if you make it even more public and write a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Pass a note

Nothing beats saying it in your own words. It might sound old-fashioned, but there’s nothing better than a nice handwritten card. Taking time out of your day to write your employee a nice note about how you appreciate the work they’re doing will make a positive difference in their day.

Free food tastes better

We all need to eat anyways! Though employees all have different and unique needs, one thing is for sure- everyone loves a free lunch. Give your employee some GrubHub or other food delivery service credits so they can order their favorite lunch.

Health is wealth

Workplace wellness is another buzz word these days. Employees are looking for health benefits beyond traditional health care. Show employees you appreciate their hard work by helping them book a health and wellness session with Bundle. They can practice yoga, learn about meditation, or become an expert healthy meal planner, helping them feel more appreciated at work.

Introverted much?

If your employee is more of an introvert, they might feel uncomfortable with public displays of appreciation. They might feel more comfortable with a 1:1 meeting where you express how grateful you are for their work. Be cognizant of what you think employees are comfortable with or showing your gratitude might backfire.

Support the fam

If your employee is a working caregiver, they may be in dire need of some external support. Luckily, kids can engage with trained and vetted instructors from Bundle in a variety of subject matter- from arts and crafts to engineering to homework help. With their family members engaged, employees can focus on whatever they need, like work, laundry, or Netflix, knowing their employer supports their work-life balance.

Do good

These days, employees are more concerned with company philanthropy than ever before. Donate to an organization of an employee's choice in their honor to reward a job well done. You will prove your dedication to having a positive impact in the world not just to employees, but to potential hires as well.

Show your swag

Who doesn’t like some free swag?! Branded products are a fun gift to employees and helps you with external brand recognition, but this time, get more original. Try sending out swag that employees will actually use, like a wireless charger, instead of another water bottle or travel mug.

Give them some ‘Me’ time

Learning a new hobby sounds fun, except for the part where you actually have to get started. Reward employees with a Bundle Me Break, where they can learn a new skill or build on an existing one through a live, 1:1 session. They’ll feel encouraged knowing that their employer supports their skills that aren’t directly work-related.

The bottom line? Every employee is different. That’s why Bundle aims to help every employee get the break they deserve. Contact us today to see how we can help show your employees you care.

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