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The Events Catalog

Select the events you want to host for your employees, family members, or new recruits. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us to customize an event they will love.


Fantastic Race Around the World: Teams virtually travel around the world to different destinations and compete to solve challenges to be the first to return home. (Live or Asynchronous)

Quiz bowl: Teams compete in an asynchronous quiz bowl with 4 rounds that span a month. Quiz bowl rounds consist of 12 challenging questions that are tricky and stealthy. Groups will need to use their smarts to come together and submit their team answers. (Live or Asynchronous)

Love Journey: Take a mindfulness journey as you learn to love different aspects of yourself. (Asynchronous)

Google(TM) Says!: Teams face off to guess the top responses on Google. (Live)

Word Racers: Teams complete in 3 different and unique word challenge rounds. The team with the most points wins. (Live)

Mobster Murder Mystery: Berengario 'Pitbull' Primiano was found murdered in his office. Who committed this heinous act? Was it an inside job or one of his many enemies? All eyes are on you and your team, you must solve the case before it's too late. (Live)

Speakeasy Escape Lounge: Dive into the roaring 20s to escape the speakeasy lounge before time runs out. (Live or Asynchronous)

Escape from Alcatraz: You've been wrongfully incarcerated and you can't take it any longer. A fellow prisoner and you are ready to make your escape. (Live or Asynchronous)

What is...?: Join a quiz competition in which individuals/teams are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must respond in the form of "what is." (Live)

Cyber Attack Escape Room: This virtual escape room drives the team to work together and employ stellar communication skills to uncover who hacked the company server, stop a data spill, and learn emerging technology terms along the way. (Live)

Kidnapped! An Escape Room: This virtual escape room pushes the team to use their collective intellect and to leverage each other’s strengths as they work together to figure out who kidnapped Sebastiana Sax, a famous movies star who was taken from Casino de Monte Carlo last night before it’s too late. (Live)

The Unknown Pyramid of Thebes Escape: This virtual escape room promotes top-shelf collaboration and communication as the team finds themselves trapped in the unknown pyramid of Thebes. They must discover clues, decipher ancient manuscripts, and use their street smarts and knowledge to work together and escape the Pyramid of Thebes before their oxygen runs out. (Live or Asynchronous)

Dracula’s Castle Escape Room: This spooktacular virtual escape room pushes teams to leverage each other’s strengths and use strong communication skills to escape Dracula’s castle before the midnight bell chimes and the Count awakes. The session will foster collaboration and improve your team's communication. (Live)

The Case at One Times Square: Put your thinking caps on and gather together to solve this mystery. Someone has stolen the New Year’s Eve Ball from One Times Square. The crime occurred during a New Year's Eve Masquerade gala hosted by Louis Manet. Help save New Year’s Eve. (Live)

Blockbuster Movie Time: Teams test their movie knowledge to name the movie by listening to the movie scores, reading famous lines, or watching clips. The team with the highest score wins. (Live)

Mystery Meals: Teams grab a lunch or dinner (meal not included in the session) and work together to solve a mystery together. Great for teams who love puzzles and brainstorming and want to sharpen intuition while leveraging their savvy deduction skills. (Live)

Trivia Time or Week-Long Tournament: Let's see who is on top of their trivia knowledge game. Teams compete in a fun and enjoyable themed and facilitated trivia game, driving the team to work together. Choose from five different options: Movies, History, Pop Culture, Travel, Superhero, or Mash up. (Live or Asynchronous)

Winter Trivia: Let’s see who is on top of their winter-themed trivia knowledge! Compete in four different challenges to see if your team has the knowledge and teamwork to win. (Live or Asynchronous)

Trivia Time Themed: Get ready to challenge your holiday or seasons knowledge. Teams compete in four high-energy and engaging trivia challenge rounds. The team with the most correct wins the title of Trivia Master. (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Partick’s Day, Spring). (Live)

Awareness and Knowledge Trivia: Celebrate national months with fun and engaging trivia that raises awareness and understanding, while growing skills and inspiring your workforce. Choose from National Mentoring Month, Black History Month, LGBT Pride Month, Women’s History Month, Autism Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month Disability Pride Month, Preparedness Month, Cyber Security Awareness Month, Bullying Prevention Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month and more. Grow your team's knowledge with our fascinating, fun, high-energy, and educational trivia events! (Live or Asynchronous)

Name that Song: Let’s see who knows that song! Teams compete in a fun and enjoyable themed song trivia game, driving the team to work together. Choose from five different options: Pop, Country, Rock, Classical, or Mash up. (Live)

TV Trap: Teams put all that knowledge to the test as they compete in a game that tests their knowledge and smarts from sitcoms to game shows to dramas to reality TV. (Live)

Forbidden Words: Don’t say those forbidden words! In this laugh-out-loud game, teams compete to give clues to help their mates guess the mystery word while avoiding saying the forbidden words. The team with the most correctly answered words wins. (Live)

3… 2… 1… Action: Bring out those acting skills as teams compete in an engaging game of high-speed charades. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty to get more points for your team if they can get their guess right with the pressure of the clock. (Live)

Movie Drawinary: Put your team’s movie knowledge and drawing skills to the test in this get together amusement game. Teams complete to draw out clues and get their team members to guess the movie they are depicting. Choose from six different topic areas: Action, Horror, Drama, Disney, Sci-Fi or Mixed. (Live)

I Found It: Teams put their online researching skills to the test in this quest to be the first team to hunt and retrieve all the information needed on the card. (Live)

Players Theater: Bring out your inner thespian. Your team will act out with drama and flare reenactments from popular plays and movies, all while having fun. (Materials: Any costumes employees wish to use). (Live)

Get in the Know: Teams play a series of games that let people get to know each other in a fun way and creative way. This game is great for introverts who want to share information but may not want to talk too much. (Live)

Letters of Kindness: Teams bond together as they write cards to support people who are in need of making connections with others to feel valued in life. Our guide leads discussions on topics of being kind to yourself and being grateful to improve your quality of life. Teams receive a card kit and a paid postage labeled return package in advance of their session to send to a charity of their choice. (Materials: Note card, envelopes, pen, and return box, additional cost to facilitation cost of $20pp) (Live)

Game Time: Who doesn’t like games? Play one or choose from a variety of games and engage in social discussion while having lots of laughs. (Live)

Over Coffee Hang Out: Meet and connect with your colleagues! Spin the Wheel of Talk to select topics that you can discuss as a group: self-care, travel, food, fitness and more! This high-energy, guided discussion provides a fun space to get to know one another. (Live)


Mindful Flowers: Stressed out? Try this 30-minute floral mindfulness session that helps you focus on arranging your blooms and gives you an opportunity to put down your phone, step away from your chat to gain focus, and re-charge. (Single session or series)

Stronger Together: Get your remote team up and active. Teams come together with our fitness expert to reenergize during the workday. Teams can choose from energy meditation, Yoga or HIIT fitness. (Materials needed: yoga mat) (Single session or series)

Goal Setters Unite: Teams meet with our coach to set team fitness, well-being, or performance goals and create an action plan for getting there that they can use and rack against every day. Great for those who need to find a thread to better connect while giving them something to strive for together. (Single session or series)

Mindful Mornings: Set the tone for your workday. Teams are guided in mindful practice to connect and start the day centered and focused, making them feel more in control of the day that lies ahead. (Single session or series)

Bibliotherapy: Teams come together weekly in a facilitator-led therapeutic session, reading wellbeing articles and chapters from books. Users share their stories and learn to heal together. Sessions will have designated topics and are best delivered as a series of at least 6 sessions. (Single session or series)

Fika: A Swedish culture. Learning to be fika. Take a break and appreciate the good things in life. Learn the concept, state of mind, attitude, and practice. (Single session or series)

Hygge: Learn the Hygge lifestyle and the benefits of living it to re-energize yourself and connect with your surroundings. The cozy hygge vibes are sure to be a constant in your life. (Single session or series)

Energy Healing for Beginners: Unlock your potential to heal and bring healing energy into your body. Bring peace and balance to your life to transform your future. Explore the benefits of a harmonious mind, body, and spirit through energy healing techniques. (Single session or series)

Contemplative Movement Meditation: Understand the benefits of contemplative movement meditation. Explore how to focus on your inner voice by listening to your body and the way it desires to move. (Single session or series)

Zen Origami: This origami mindfulness session centers the team on the art of folding away thoughts and focusing on the present, while being purposeful with their actions and discussing methods to increase mindfulness practices at work. (Materials: Origami kit, additional cost to facilitation cost of $15pp)

Curiouser and Curiouser: Journey through Wonderland and learn different mindfulness techniques such as breathing, journaling, and the use of mantras. Different characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will test and guide you as you try to find your way home in this virtual mindfulness journey.

My Pet & Me: Did you know petting your dog or cat can lower your heart rate? Enjoy giving your pet a full head to toe massage and learning more about your pets. Learn how to make your own pet food and how to keep your pet maintained and healthy.

Demystifying Mindfulness: Discover the science of mindfulness, learn what mindfulness is, how it works, and the benefits it brings. Get an introduction to mindfulness exercises to keep you connected, grounded, and focused at work. (Single session or series).

Mind-Wellness Daily Challenge: Teams complete mindful daily challenges for two weeks to develop positive wellbeing habits together and reflect in a shared journal about their experiences. (Asynchronous) (Single session or series)

Total Body Health: Discover what it means to have total body. Explore how you can confidently advocate for your personal health and wellness needs and find a life dedicated to enjoying total body health.

Stress Management: Are you stressed out? Let’s talk about how stress is a normal part of life and how to prevent it from taking over your life. Discover how to develop new habits to reduce your stress and explore activities that will help you manage your stress.

Weight Management: Explore how to overcome your personal weight management barriers and discover the optimal program for you that's healthy and manageable.

Fitness Management: Physical fitness is an essential component of a successful health and wellness routine. Explore ways to identify your fitness needs and create a personalized fitness program that’s just right for you.

Flexible goal setting: What is the value of flexible goal setting? What are micro-goals? How do micro-goals produce macro successes? How does flexible goal setting impact our overall wellbeing? Develop a micro-goals plan.

Digital Detoxing: Discover the benefits of stepping back from SM and other digital interaction: learn how negative energy in social media, the news, and on TV impacts our wellbeing (both mental and physical), how to set boundaries around our digital consumption, and how to develop an action plan to detox digitally starting small.

Intuitive Eating: What is intuitive eating? How can it help your wellbeing? How can you manage impulse or stress eating? How does intuitive eating help you build a healthy relationship with food and your body? Explore the principles. What are some easy ways to start practicing intuitive eating? Develop your plan.

Community-care: Grow awareness that helping other people is actually a great pathway to happiness. What is community-care? Why is it important to your overall wellbeing? Learn the differences of self-care vs. community-care, review scenarios, and identify ways to practice community care in the workplace

The Happy Brain: Explore exercises that improve your mental wellness. Shake off your sedentary brain with these interactive and engaging activities. Say goodbye to a sluggish mind and increase your workday success. Learn how to think and focus on happy thoughts that make you smile. Discuss ways to change your inner voice from one of doubt to one of good thoughts and optimism.

Eat Better, Think Better, Feel Better: While eating healthy is not a mystery, many of us struggle to eat the foods we need to feel better. What foods make you feel the best? Learn how to how to select food that can actually make you feel and think better. Make a meal plan to help guide you. And learn to cook a feel-good or a brainfood meal recipe. (Materials needed if participants would like to make meals) (Single session or series)

Yoga for Beginners Hatha: Energy low? Feeling tired and out of sorts? Get your mind, body, and spirit back in alignment with this beginners Hatha Yoga series. Improve your balance, stability, and flexibility while experiencing gentle detoxification to get centered and focused. (Single session or series)

Yoga Basics: Great for teams who want to find centering and enlightenment together. Explore breathing techniques, postural alignment and how to be more present to your mind, body, and spirit. (Single session or series)

Yoga for Beginners Vinyasa: Explore Vinyasa yoga, a gentle breath-focused practice that encourages ease of movements so that you move freely from one posture to the other. (Single session or series)

HIIT Workout: Take a break from your daily routine to burn a few extra calories and join us in this interactive session, suitable for all fitness levels! In the first lesson of our HIIT Training Series we’ll cover the basics of High Intensity Interval Training and how to implement heart rate-based training into your health and wellness routine. Let’s get moving! (Single session or series)

The Sleep Difference: Do you find yourself tried in the morning and need more ways to learn how to go to sleep, get better sleep, or even stay asleep? Learn about different stages of sleep and how to have better sleep in your life every day.

The Life You Want Series: Reflecting on your life, what you want, what you don't want and who you want to be is some of the most important self-work that you can do - and we don't tend to do it enough. Let’s do some intentional reflection and visioning exercises designed to help you feel inspired, motivated, and create clarity in your life. (Single session or series)

Get Confident: Are you ready to boost your confidence? Let’s kick those social inhibitions or anxieties to the wind and improve your confidence and self-esteem. Great for people looking to grow a flexible mindset and commit to change.

Performance Anxiety: Many high performers are at an increased risk for perfectionism, negative cognitions, and emotional and behavioral difficulties. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion to improve overall well-being and overcome performance anxiety as well as specific helpful techniques. Discuss how a lack of mindfulness can lead to feelings of stress and reduced performance in all areas of your life.

Planning: Learn the benefits of planning, techniques to execute a plan, and how to stick with it. Explore how planning skills help inform our ability to manage tasks and meet goals. Start building a plan and envision steps to following through.

Mindful Stress Management: Understand what stress is and how managing stress can help you learn how to identify it, learn techniques to destress in healthy ways, and explore the positives of consistency. Identify what your triggers are and when they happen in your life. Write a plan on how to address 1-2 of your stressors and make positive personal choices.

Overwhelmed: Manage the feeling of being overwhelmed. Understand why it happens and learn techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety, create positive energy and emotions, focus on a new perspective, and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Practice identifying situations where you feel overwhelmed, and skills to reduce stress and refocus/distract you from the stress.

Feel the Pressure: Performing under pressure is challenging, but something we need to do it. Learn how to identify high pressure situations, understand the difference between stress and pressure as well as the factors that make up high pressure environments. Use exercises to identify stress versus pressure. Explore how to manage pressure and minimize stress in these times. Create a plan to tackle these challenging situations and practice through role play scenarios.

The Resilient Person: Everyone has stress or anxiety at some point and time, be it financial, relationships, school, or work related. Stress isn’t bad, but chronic stress can take its toll on our minds, bodies, and behavior. Understand why stress happens and techniques to survive and thrive when faced with stressful situations. Define the term resilience. Identify strategies for facing rejection, recognize the skills you can practice increasing your resilience, explore reflection strategies you can use during a situation to build resilience, and examine five real-world examples. Practice a variety of resilience skills that you can use every day in different aspects of your life to bring more balance.

The Balance Maker: Maintaining work-life balance reduces stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace. Discuss how your organization can create a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance and options to increase flexibility, resulting in a more productive workforce.

You Failed, So What, Try Again: Learn to recognize failure and the feelings associated with it and explore how to harness what you learned to grow. Discover strategies to overcome your failures and develop a plan to manage and move forward and try again.

Coping with Success: Understand the benefits of grace and humility with success. Learn to temper your ego and take success with stride to allow everyone to feel good about your accomplishments.

You Got This, Now Thrive: Learn what it takes to thrive. Understand the value of your worth and personal power to reduce negative self-talk and improve self-esteem.

Fight Zoom Fatigue and Create Impactful Virtual Meetings: Are you feeling tired, eyes strained, and maybe even battling headaches when conducting Zoom (video conferencing) meetings? Then this lesson is for you! There’s a better way to combat this phenomenon when conducting virtual meetings and we’ll give you a simple strategy of attack. With this strategy employed, you’ll be in a position to eliminate the fatigue and get back to impactful virtual meetings.


Drawing to Center: Studies have shown that making art and drawing is a powerful tool to combat stress. Grab your pencil and paper and let's get creative and calm together! (Single session or series)

Get Mind Ready with Drawing or Stipple Painting: Clear your mind, toss out the rules and expectations you place on yourself and strive to fight perfectionism. Be mindful and present as you participate in drawing or stipple dot art paintings. (Single session or series)

Drawing Comics: Bang! Pow! Wham! Take a super leap in comic creation as you learn the fundamentals of character development and design. (Materials: Drawing Kit, additional cost to facilitation cost of $25pp) (Single session or series)

Creative Writing to Calm: Wondering how to calm down during overwhelming deadlines? Grab a pencil and tap into your creative writing skills. Explore new ways to focus and express your thoughts creatively through writing. Whether you've written before or want to start, this session is for writers of all levels. (Materials needed: pen, paper or computer) (Single session or series)

Knitting for Stress Relief: Research has shown that knitting reduces depression and anxiety, slows the onset of dementia, distracts from chronic pain, and increases overall sense of well-being. Explore knitting to help calm your mind and improve focus while learning a new skill. (Materials: Knitting kit, additional cost to facilitation cost of $30pp) (Single session or series)

Crochet for Beginners: Have you been wanting to learn to crochet? Do you want to make something for yourself or as a gift for others? Now is the time! Learn a brief history of the art of crochet, its many uses then and now, and how to do this simple art to make a variety of coasters for your enjoyment. (Single session or series)

Painting for Peace of Mind: Dive into the world of acrylic painting to find focus. Painting helps you relax because it allows your mind to focus on one central topic . This relieves anxiety on the mind and relaxes the body. Be inspired as you learn techniques to build colors, paint the word around you, and unleash your creativity. (Materials: Painting kit, additional cost to facilitation cost of $32pp) (Single session or series)

Air Dry Clay Pinch: Calling all sculptures! Get hands-on and create three-dimensional pinch pots of assorted shapes and sizes while having fun and connecting with others. (Materials: Clay kit, additional cost to facilitation cost of $30pp) (Single session or series)

My Pet and Me: Did you know petting your dog or cat can lower your heart rate? Enjoy giving your pet a full head to toe massage and learning more about your pets. Learn how to make your own pet food and how to keep your pet maintained and healthy.

Bravo: Bravo! Learn improvisational acting skills for beginners to gain comfort and confidence and tap into your creative side. Practice imagination, creativity, and performance skills. (Single session or series)

Photography for Focus: Need to recenter and gain clarity and focus? Explore the world through the eye of your camera to find your center and focus on the now. Enjoy seeing the world using your cell phone or a camera while learning how to take great photos every time. (Materials needed: cellphone with camera or camera) (Single session or series)

American Sign Language: Explore the world of American Sign Language and learn to communicate with those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Develop expressive and receptive language skills through the learning of basic conversational vocabulary. This session is for those with no to limited ASL skills. Join your colleagues in enhancing your well-being by decompressing and learning something new. Further develop your diversity, equity, and inclusion skillset by expanding how you connect with others. (Single session or series)

Public Speaking Series: Come together and work on public speaking in fun and creative activities to increase comfort and confidence. (Single session or series)


Fostering Trust in the Workplace: Let down your guard and embrace trust. This session teaches leaders and/or their team how to create relationships rooted in trust and transparency. Learn why trust is foundational for a cohesive and effective team. Engage in interactive activities that break down barriers and start to build a trusting work culture. (Interpersonal Communication)

The Gift of Feedback: No matter where you work, or what your role, the only way to improve or help your employees improve and learn is with feedback. Giving—and receiving—feedback is a skill that is relevant to every member of an organization. Learn how to give effective feedback, ask for feedback, and use the responses you receive as a tool to improve personal performance. (Constructive Feedback, Interpersonal Communication)

Effective Communication: Want to learn to better communicate together? Learn how to avoid misunderstandings, grasp the real meaning of what is being communicated, grow your listening skills, and greatly improve your work and personal relationships. (Communication, Public Speaking)

Difficult Conversations: Conflict is inevitable—in work and in life—and being prepared to deal with it is the key to getting beyond it. Discover techniques to minimize emotions and navigate challenging conversations to achieve the best outcome for everyone. (Interpersonal Communication)

Conversation Corner: Develop a communication strategy for providing feedback, pitching, or any conversation you may want help practicing in a safe space. Role play to develop comfort and confidence and get actionable feedback to make your real-life and virtual interactions impactful and meaningful. (Interpersonal Communication)

Communicating with Empathy: Learn how to listen, respond, and negotiate with empathy. Discover what empathy is. Understand the benefits of empathy and practice techniques to better communicate with empathy. (Interpersonal Communication)

Communicating with Sensitivity: Explore why conversations around culture, race, and sexual orientation are so difficult. Touch on the unconscious bias people may have and how this impacts our decisions. Learn techniques to have more sensitive conversations about these topics, how to give feedback about these topics, listen, and apologize. Practice in scenarios. (Interpersonal Communication)

Dealing with Conflict and Getting to Resolution: How do you deal with internal conflicts in the workplace? In this coaching session, participants will discover proactive ways to gain insights and develop conflict resolution tools for resolving and effectively managing a particular personal or professional conflict. (Constructive Feedback, Interpersonal Communication)

Embracing Change: We all know change is hard, but necessary for companies and work units to thrive and survive in an ever-changing world. Shift your mindset and explore techniques necessary to drive change. Learn the larger context for change and the necessary roles and communication needed to successfully lead through it and make it happen. (Change Management)

Building a Change Roadmap: To be successful, companies cannot stay the same. Learn the value and benefits of building a change roadmap with your team or a small group of colleagues to discuss how your company is evolving. Develop a clear change roadmap that paints the big picture, the end game, determine the people who need your support, and whose support you will need along the way.(Change Management)

Asking Powerful Questions to Gain Clarity: Learn the importance of questions and why they are valuable and useful when gaining clarity around a situation or challenge. Practice creating effective questions. Learn through role play examples of situations with team members, customers, clients, and family. Understand the benefits of powerful questioning. Discover how powerful and thoughtful questions can help people grow and how listening improves questions. (Interpersonal Communication)

Speaking with Confidence: Discover what holds people back. Learn simple communication tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and produce results. Learn how to sound more confident, perform effective breathing techniques, use body and language to better express ideas, and overcome anxiety. Practice your skills to slow your words, manage nervousness, and grow more comfortable with speaking in different settings. (Interpersonal Communication)

Energizing People for Performance: High-performing teams are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Learn how to create and lead the teams that get more done for their organizations. Learn the elements of a high-performance team and the techniques necessary to set direction, gather and deploy the right resources, prioritize work, motivate employees, and help team members develop their individual strengths. (Management)

Equity in the Workplace: Learn how to create a Workplace Equity that make employees feel empowered and levels the playing field for every employee, regardless of race, sexual orientation, background, marital status, or family lifestyle. Grow your understanding and develop a plan to make your workplace more equitable. (Equity)

Speak Up Series: Understand what bullying/discrimination/racism/harassment is, sounds like, and looks like. Learn how to have productive and healthy discussions about it that create positive outcomes. Learn and practice techniques that encourage effective conversations in the workplace, such as dealing with push back, managing emotions, focusing on solutions, and tailoring approaches to fit the situation and scenario. Practice scenarios to gain comfort and confidence. (Harassment, Racism, Discrimination, Bullying)

Zoom Fatigue and Create Impactful Virtual Meetings: Are you feeling tired, eyes strained, and maybe even battling headaches when conducting Zoom (video conferencing) meetings? Then this lesson is for you! There’s a better way to combat this phenomenon when conducting virtual meetings and we’ll give you a simple strategy of attack. With this strategy employed, you’ll be in a position to eliminate the fatigue and get back to impactful virtual meetings. (Communication, Public Speaking)

Developing Rapport and Building Relations Virtually: When it comes to forming relationships and building rapport virtually, do you feel awkward and unsuccessful? Learn how to successfully build rapport virtually using a roadmap towards magnetizing your appeal during your online interactions. This is the stuff of relationship glue – it bonds! (Interpersonal Communication)

Keeping Others and Engaged in Virtual Meetings: Are you struggling to keep people engaged during your virtual meetings? Tired of constantly calling people out to make sure they are still paying attention to what’s being said? Then this lesson is for you! You can ensure better engagement with your virtual meetings by making a few minor tweaks and employing built-in features effectively, such as knowing when to use screen share. You no longer need to wonder if meeting attendees are quietly texting their friends to make lunch plans. (Communication, Public Speaking)

Briefing Senior Leaders: Learn how to effectively prepare for briefing senior leaders by knowing your audience and anticipating the tough questions they might ask. Explore best practices for creating and delivering an impactful presentation that makes a great impression on senior leaders. (Communication, Public Speaking)

Negotiation Basics: Is your team struggling to effectively negotiate in their everyday workplace challenges, and feeling defeated due to workplace negotiations falling apart? Ensure that any workplace challenge is negotiated successfully, whether it’s on the phone or through email. Learn techniques and strategies to develop their influence and smoothly gain those win-win results you need to succeed. (Communication, Public Speaking)

Impactful Presentations: You don’t have to be a professional speaker to give an impactful presentation. Your team will master the techniques for building a successful presentation and learn the five types of presentations. They will discover new methods to help them brainstorm, design, and build a successful presentation every time! (Communication, Public Speaking)

The Importance of Filtering: People can be frustrated by an excessive amount of data, called ‘information overload.’ Teams will work on understanding what information overload is, and why it is counterproductive. Review common scenarios to understand it better and discuss effective strategies to manage this challenge. (Communication, Public Speaking)

How to be Successful: Learn how to effectively prepare for briefing senior leaders by knowing your audience and anticipating the tough questions they might ask. Explore best practices for creating and delivering an impactful presentation that makes a great impression on senior leaders. (Communication, Public Speaking)


Diversity and Inclusion Drawing: Through creating impressionist drawings, teams explore how to foster an inclusive work environment, improve awareness and understanding, create a sense of belonging, and develop positive working relationships. They will share their points of view and how their backgrounds and experiences bring uniqueness and value to their overall team.

Widen Your Aperture: Where does bias come from? Let’s get a better understanding of bias, the negative implications it can have, and how to confront and reduce it. Take a deep dive into your company’s culture to identify areas of bias and strategies to widen your aperture to create a more diverse and inclusive environment that boosts not only your company’s bottom line but improves the quality of life and work environment for everyone.

Checking Our Blind Spots: Explore the hidden biases we all carry from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes about age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexuality, disability status, and nationality. Recognize and control implicit biases to help you improve your judgements and make better decisions at work and beyond. Gain insights into how our minds operate and understand the origins of implicit associations. Uncover some of your own biases and learn strategies for addressing them. Deepen your understanding of biases, how they influence behavior, and how they impact us all.

Disabilities - Making the Workplace Welcoming: Grow your inclusive mindset and learn how to create a fair and accessible work environment for disabled employees. Understand what their needs may be, the challenges they encounter, and discover how to be an ally for these employees, making them feel included, and help see the world through their various eyes with role play.

Discrimination and Violence Against Others: Discuss the existence and persistence of prejudice and discrimination in our society. Talk about the impact of hate, bias, and discrimination of people based on their identities or beliefs and other behaviors that express hostility, derision, or violence. (Diversity & Inclusion)

Be Authentic: Discover the authentic you. Learn how to thoughtfully and intentionally present your authentic self. Understand why people hide their authentic selves. Identify parts of you that you hide and understand why. Learn to embrace your true presence and own it as a blending of your temperament, environment, education, and skills that support your success. Explore how to build a workplace environment that values authenticity.

Belonging: Understand what belonging and acceptance is and why some people struggle to find it. Explore the benefits and value of accepting others into your team. Discover how a sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation, health, and happiness. Understand how a single instance of being excluded can undermine self-control and well-being, often creating pain and conflict. Learn how to create a sense of belonging in your team. Learn behaviors that are not accepting/accepting and practice identifying them. Participate in scenarios-based conversations to gain comfort and confidence with making others feel welcome in your group.

Leading with Sensitivity: Explore the value of leading with sensitivity, understand how it benefits your team, and learn techniques to have effective conversations about topics like race, discrimination, sexual orientation, and culture. Discover how to provide sensitive feedback and ask questions that do not offend. Role play different scenarios to better lead with sensitivity in challenging situations that people experience every day.

LGBTQ Acceptance and Understanding in the Workplace Series: Grow your understanding of LGBTQ. Explore concepts to expand your knowledge. Learn how colleagues who identify as LGBTQ can feel more comfortable and confident in the workplace, understand how to be an ally, and what you can do to sustain a more inclusive work environment. Increase awareness of unconscious bias to the LGBTQ professional and inherent heterosexual prejudice. Develop a plan to create a safe working environment.

Inclusion Starts with You: Discover how to apply inclusive design to your work. Learn about the difference between empathy and compassion and the role inclusion plays in the development of organizational resilience. Explore techniques to increase your inclusivity. Reinforce learning through exercises and role play.

Equity Vs. Equality: Learn the difference between equity and equality. Explore how to ensure you are giving people what they need, in order to make things fair to those who need it. Role play in everyday scenarios to better prepare for real-world engagements that are equitable.

Supporting Underrepresented People: As we strive to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, supporting underrepresented needs to be at the forefront of conversations. Your team will learn how to do this in this lesson and become a better ally.

Grow an Inclusive Mindset: Explore what an inclusive mindset is and why it matters. Grow your understanding about the impact of social isolation. Walk through the realities people face and assess scenarios to increase self-awareness. Discuss techniques to combat it every day and develop a plan to be an active advocate for inclusivity.

Alternative Lifestyle Acceptance: We all live our lives differently from one another. But that does not mean that we cannot create a cohesive organizational environment accepting of each other. Learn techniques to manage and change behaviors that lead to uncomfortable work environments.

Inherit Prejudice: What is prejudice and bias? How can you tell the difference? Your team will learn the difference between the two and how to uncover their own biases. Exploring these biases will help them make more inclusive and equitable choices.

Cultivating an Inclusive Work Environment: Creating an inclusive working environment has its benefits but starting can be difficult. Learn how to cultivate inclusivity and create the change needed for your organization to grow.

Accent Bias: The language(s) we speak and how we speak them is another type of difference we all have. Learning about languages can open doors to an individual’s culture, traditions, and beliefs. Teams learn how language diversity and being inclusive of language can help build bridges in your workforce.

Wokeness: Discover and analyze the concept of wokeness. Your team will explore what wokeness means and how the meaning has evolved over time for some. Embrace its original, positive meaning that promotes everyone feeling respected, valued, and heard at the workplace and beyond. Learn strategies to increase awareness.

Get in the Neurodiversity Know: Are you confused about what neurodiversity is? Want to learn how to support those individuals? Neurodiverse individuals are often left out of conversations regarding diversity and inclusion. Learn about the different neurodiverse categories and how to include these individuals.

COOKING AND FOOD (All Live) (Materials are additional cost to facilitation cost: Kitchen Kits vary depending on the session, $35-75pp)

Pasta Cook-a-long: Get an introduction to Italian cooking. Learn to make fresh homemade pasta and a simple marinara sauce with our chef while learning some simple Italian words and phrases.

Crepe Cook-a-long: Bonjour! Let’s take a trip to a French kitchen and whip up some delicious French Crepes. Learn what makes crepes taste soft and buttery, while giving them a unique texture that makes them a great base to a variety of delicious fillings. You’ll also leave knowing some simple French words and phrases

Chocolatiers: Get an introduction to the rich history of chocolate, the cultivation of cacao, and the process behind manufacturing artisan and fine chocolate. Then explore numerous flavor profiles through smelling & tasting exercises that will give you a fresh understanding of flavor & aroma in fine food. Finish with testing your new-found chocolate knowledge on various chocolate samples.

In the Kitchen: Chocolate Bread: Bon appetite! I can already smell the chocolate in the air. Your team will have fun baking delicious chocolate bread. Teams can learn techniques and amp up their culinary knowledge or just enjoy some social time together.

In the Kitchen: Gingerbread Oatmeal Cookies: Tis the season to bake! Join us in the kitchen to bake and decorate some delicious Gingerbread Oatmeal Cookies. We’ll learn the history of holiday cookie baking, tips for making chewy cookies, and simple tricks to help you decorate.

Sweet Creations: Teams decorate themed cookies or cupcakes while learning about each other in a sharing circle. The team will vote on the best creations and name a top sweet maker. Teams will receive a cupcake or cookie decoration kit in advance of their session. No baking required.

Tasting Time: Reinvent your happy hour with coffee, tea, or soda tastings with our Chief of Palettes. The team will try different coffees, teas, or sodas and discuss their unique flavor profiles while learning about their origins and then challenge what they learned in a quick trivia session. Teams will receive a kit based on the selected theme of coffee, tea, or soda in advance of their session.

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